Equity, Commodity Consulting

The lure of big money has always directed investors to the stock markets. However, making money is not easy. It not only requires a lot of patience and discipline, but also a great deal of research and a sound understanding of the market. The recent volatility in the market has created a lot of confusion and apprehension in the investor community. There is a dilemma of what to buy, sell or hold and when to take the action.

InveSys gives the perfect consultation to stay profitable in the stock market with its market experience,

Derivatives enable the investor to earn greater returns (at greater risk) by leveraging your position i.e. by a lower initial investment. Derivatives have the potential to benefit from both rise and fall in the market and can also be used as a risk management tool by the investors.

InveSys aspires to make derivatives trading an easy and profitable venture for Stock Market investors.

Commodity market offers more than 40 commodities across various segments such as bullion, metals, energy, and a number of agri-commodities on its platform. The MCX Exchange is the world’s largest exchange in Silver and Gold, 2nd largest in Natural Gas and the 3rd largest in Crude Oil with respect to the number of futures contracts traded.

Other Benefits of Market –

Commodity futures are negatively correlated with stocks and bonds. The negative correlation is stronger over longer holding periods.Commodities diversify the cyclical variation in stock and bond returns.In commodity market high turnover may be achieved easily, which will also increase your revenue exponentially No additional infrastructure, man power, cost & expenses are required.MCX was the first exchange in India to initiate evening sessions to synchronize with the trading hours of global exchanges in London, New York and other major international markets.