NISM/NCFM/BCFM Preparatory Modules

NCFM Training program by InveSys is a career oriented program for those who would like to gain Certification from NSE in different modules offered by NSE. If you keen about the learning the NCFM modules and would like to make career in Equity, Forex or commodity markets than you need certification from NSE. Here at inveSys, we help you to get the exciting opportunities in the major Broking Houses, Investment Bankers or Asset Management Companies. Our Training program on NCFM is not all about getting certifications but it also help you to get practical exposure in the stock market.

InveSys has also launched training programs for the following examination NISM series. After the completion of the training program students will be able to gather sufficient knowledge about the securities market education and they can even eligible to take and crack the NISM exam papers. We will let you know how you should prepare for the NISM exams, the syllabus, getting certification and how to properly apply for the NISM papers.