Basics of Stock Market

Basics of Stock Market Course is specially developed for those who are charmed by the equity (share) market, but do not have enough knowledge to understand it’s engineering.

A Course suitable for Students, Housewives, Businessmen, Job-Seekers and everyone who want to unleash the potential of Stock Market.

Fundamental Analysis

The Course Content focuses on analysing Financial Statements of a Company, forecasting future financials & applying different valuation methodology using excel. We focus on the practical application, and hence we train our Students by preparing Financial models of public companies from scratch.

Our Students have prepared financial models of Companies in different sectors like IT, FMCG, Automobiles, Cement, Oil & Gas, BFSI, Real Estate and many more.

Technical Analysis

Technical Analysis is a key skill required for short term trading in equity, commodity and currency markets.

A perfect course for day traders helps them in learning different trading strategies. It also provides ample opportunities to job seeker looking for technical / research analyst profiles.

Derivative Analysis

The course discusses about the Derivative market and understanding the forward contracts, future contracts, options, swaps. It also emphasizes on the execution of options strategies.

These tutorials will help you kick start your career in the exciting market.


NISM/NCFM/BCFM Preparatory Modules

NCFM Training program by InveSys is a career oriented program for those who would like to gain Certification from NSE in different modules offered by NSE. If you keen about the learning the NCFM modules and would like to make career in Equity, Forex or commodity markets than you need certification from NSE. Here at inveSys, we help you to get the exciting opportunities in the major Broking Houses, Investment Bankers or Asset Management Companies. Our Training program on NCFM is not all about getting certifications but it also help you to get practical exposure in the stock market.

InveSys has also launched training programs for the following examination NISM series. After the completion of the training program students will be able to gather sufficient knowledge about the securities market education and they can even eligible to take and crack the NISM exam papers. We will let you know how you should prepare for the NISM exams, the syllabus, getting certification and how to properly apply for the NISM papers.

Sub Broker Module

Today business partners are the very critical element in the organic growth of any Broking company Business Process Services (BPS) are the best and cost effective way to take the growth ladder to the next step.

This is a complete Business Enhancement Training by InveSys for Sub Brokers/ Business partners Remmisers of the Financial Market Company, which will grow your Financial Market knowledge, but will strengthen their Client Relationship Management skills and acquisition.

Ignite Education

InveSys offers learning of core trading strategy to time the markets like professionals and learning how to manage risk on your trades using risk management principles in the Ignite Education Module.

Stock Investor Education

The Stock Investor course uses a powerful combination of fundamental and technical analysis to empower you to create long term wealth.

Using a unique stock investing principle, it teaches you which stocks to invest in by evaluating companies based on its qualitative and quantitative (financial) strength. It also instructs you when to invest using Online Trading Academy’s proprietary core market timing strategy.

The Stock Investor course is conducted in an online interactive environment. It is packed with relevant case studies aimed to train you to become a professional investor.


Wealth Essential Education

Wealth Essential Education is a special course to help you grow and protect your wealth for long term. It gives you a big picture view of your consolidated financial position and trains you to work out a viable wealth plan for your financial goals.

Core Strategy Education

This Program takes you into the world of demand, supply and market timing, ensuring high accuracy prediction of market turning points using technical analysis. As the name suggests it teaches you the dos and don’ts of becoming a Professional Trader.

Professional Options Education

Most Option Traders think they can profit by ignoring price direction, which is why most options traders loose money. In this course, you will learn how to apply our rule based strategies to options trading in order to identify your own entry and exit points.

Professional Futures Education

Futures is a leveraged Market offering plenty of lucrative opportunities for an educated trader. Besides it being a vehicle of speculation, futures market can be effectively used to hedge your position and diversify yourself across asset classes.

Considering the tremendous growth of Finance Market in India and lack of educated Professional in this Domain, our objective is to prepare such trained Professionals who can be easily employed by Banks, Mutual Funds Houses, Research Firms, KPOs, Broking Houses, Investment Advisories and Capital Market Intermediaries.


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